How Select Wholesale Jewelry Suppliers from China

Published: 04th May 2011
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There are two cities where most wholesale jewelry suppliers locate in. While most wholesale jewelry manufacturers light on Yiwu and Guangzhou.

When you are to wholesale jewelry from China, there are three things you should make clear first.

First Of All, almost 90% fashion jewelry providers China are settled in Guangdong Shenzhen and Guangzhou. Guangzhou jewelry suppliers usually produce fashion jewelry and then sell them by themseleves. However, most Shenzhen wholesale jewelry suppliers would like to wholesale jewelry in a very large number so that they can gain a very cheap prices. And then they can earn much money by reselling those cheap jewelry to the end customers. People who are very familiar with China fashion jewelry market must know that most jewelry fairs&trades are held in Guangzhou and most onine Wholesale jewerly suppliers China mainly locate in China Guangdong Shenzhen and Guangzhou. Most wholesale jewelry manufactories are placed in Guangzhou and Zhejiang Yiwu. shops place in Shenzhen. In the event, fashion jewelry from Shenzhen are a little expensive than Guangzhou's.

Next, there are three wholesale jewelry making supplying in China, Qingdao city, Yiwu city and Guangzhou city. Qingdao jewelry are mainly sold to Korea and Japan. Fashion jewelry of Yiwu are principally wholesaled to the Chinese domestic people. At Long Last, Guangzhou jewelry suppliers are primarily aimed at looking European and American vendees. Also the price of Guangzhou jewelry stays the middle, higher than Yiwu, lower than Qingdao. Besides the quality of materials used in making Guangzhou jewelry are with the highest level.

At last, when you are searching for wholesale jewelry providers from China, you can make the next ingredients into your thoughtfulness. Nearly wholesale jewelry providers China are resellers. Almost 90% fashion jewelry online shop purchase their goodnesses from the same jewelry manufacturing plant or provider. Sol the No.1 factor you should take when you buy fashion jewelry is cost. Last price is the advisable one for you. Secondly, textiles applied to manufactur fashion jewelry. Candidly speaking, all jewelry wholesaled from China are very cheap. However this does not mean that the quality is good. Cheap wholesale prices origins from bad quality materials. Do you think you can buy a real diamond with only9:01 2011-4-20 one dollar? I do not believe it.

Just as an old saying goes, pie is never in the sky. Pay one penny and then you get one penny's worth of goods.

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